Have A Frosty Glass Of Estrogen!

This is the sort of news that makes men’s blood go cold: now that menopausal souse clutching at your thigh isn’t just drunk, she’s high on baby-making estrogen!

Czech scientists have created a beer that contains ten times the normal amount of phytoestrogen… than is in a normal beer, we guess.

On why they chose beer as an estrogen as a delivery method, the scientists explained: “Czech women lack oestrogen in their diet, so we wanted to solve this through beer because the Czech Republic is number one in the world for beer consumption.”

I’m going to leave alone this scientist’s frankly incredible comment that “Czech women lack oestrogen in their diet” (how many raw ovaries are women supposed to be eating anyway?) and address his claim that Czechs drink more beer than anyone else in the world. Ho ho! I beg to differ. The article claims that Czechs drink, on average, 161 liters of beer each year. That’s a night in the pub in Dublin, chum…p. The only difference is that we don’t count a tall frosty glass of estrogen to count towards our quota.

Scientists brew menopause beer [Health 24]


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  1. Benko says:

    they can put whatever the hell they want to in the beer as long as it still makes her take her top off after a couple force-fed pints..err i mean… ‘cold’ pints.

  2. Montecore says:

    Beer in Prague cost the equivalent of US$0.75. I spent five days there and it was all I drank. I would’ve stayed except I found my liver about to jump off the Charles Bridge.