AmericanWarehouse.US n e Soho Store Still A Scam

These Soho scammers sure do get around. They’ve got a new site up, American Warehouse, located at the always reputable .us domain.

This time, they are emailing people advertising 10 iPod Nanos for $1499. Seems plausible, actually, but as Ben reminds me, the scam isn’t the implausibility of the price, it’s the way your money disappears into the ether.

Speaking of disappearing into the ether, now leads to American Warehouse is a carbon copy of the old design, with the name and logo changed.

Perusing the website, it’s an odd mash-up of plausible prices ($1399 black Macbook) and completely insane ones ($999 iMac Intel Core Duo). There’s not much that can be done about these assholes, except tell everyone about the latest permutation of their scam and warn your friends to buy their shimmery new Macbook straight from source.

The full email is after the jump.

Re: iPod nano 4GB (10 Units Bundle). Brend New! – $1599
American Warehouse
Thu, 1 Jun 2006 21:58:54 +0300
Brian Lett

Greetings from American Warehouse!

Feel free to visit us at:

The total for 1 iPod nano 4GB 10 Units Bundle is:

$1.599.00 to get it delivered by your door.

(Allow 5-7 days for the delivery with free shipping option)

To place an order for this item please visit:

Will be waiting for any of your questions and comments,

John Taylor
Premier Manager, Sales Dept.
American Warehouse
6690 Roswell Rd NE # C4
Atlanta, GA 30328, USA
Phone: 404-419-6646
Fax : 678-669-1503

Thanks to Brian for the tip!

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  1. Chi says:

    Isn’t there any other way to stop these scammers? I really like the idea of really returning the favor to folks like them.

    Perhaps a massive DoS attack? Or that Russian virus that flooded that one anti-spam company with so much spam that they closed their doors.

    There should be some way to bring war to these thugs.

  2. Paul D says:

    Now now. No need to poo-poo the entire .us domain just because of these turd-eaters.

  3. LLH says:

    this has been forwarded to our comrads at apple right? because i’m thinking this idiot in atlanta probably is just that stupid to put a real address where his money from sucka’s can get to him right quick. it would be pretty funny to see steve jobs bust down this guys door.

  4. Ben Popken says:

    John writes:

    “In addition to immediate loss of money, there is risk of identity theft down the road. I placed an order, filling out all the requested info, including my birthdate. But balked when the only payment method was wire transfer. The actually emailed me later telling me that a new account needed to be used to pay. It’s just something to be on the lookout for, if they can’t get your money from a wire transfer, they may have obtained a lot of your personal information.”

  5. 5050creative says:

    this guy’s scam has now morphed into:
    i got the exact same letter as above, but for a dual core g5. i even spoke with him on the phone but the connection was so bad i think he was calling from another country.