1,000,000-plus Students’ Personal Data Lost in Texas

Poof. The records of over a million customers at Texas A&M’s largest student loan provider have been lost. The records contained personal information about the borrowers.

“We don’t have any indication that any information has been compromised at this point it’s simply on a piece of equipment that is lost at this point and has not been recovered,” Kristin Boyer with Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation told KBTX.

We love how first we were being told that laptops were being stolen containing personal data, then they became computers, and now people’s SSNs et. al. was merely, “on pieces of equipment that are lost.”

Rrright. We’re sure there’s a Student Loan tractor in an irrigation ditch outside of Austin with just a bunch of file cabinets sitting atop it

Personal Data of Millions of Loan Borrowers Lost” [KBTX] (Thanks to Brian!)


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  1. Scott says:


  2. Rick Dobbs says:

    Interesting part to me is that it wasn’t TGSL that lost it, it was one of their vendors.


  3. Montecore says:

    Everything’s bigger in Texas!

  4. To maintain fairness in Texas schools reporting, let us not overlook the fact that UT Austin’s McCombs school of business suffered a security breach in their computers, resulting in thousands of students and prospective students having their personal info (including SSN’s) compromised…