Give Me A Large Hawaiian Stuffed Crust With Anchovies and Cockroaches

The best thing that one can say about this story — in which a pizza gourmand found a cockroach cooked into the cheese of his Pizza Hut pizza pie — is that Pizza Hut found the topping completely unacceptable. Domino’s, on the other hand, would have simply initiated a marketing push to define the topping as the unique ingredient of a new California style pizza.

Also noteworthy is the fact that, from the photograph, this appears to be one of the few fast food horror stories that isn’t depressingly phoney. This isn’t some drop-a-dead-roach-in-your-food-and-scam-a-few-mil fake out we’re talking about here. That roach is baked right in there

The roach (genus Blatella germanica, if you’re wondering specifically what to ask for when you call for your next delivery) was served to a customer in Australia, which resulted in a $13,000 fine levied against Pizza Hut. Tim Eakin, Pizza Hut’s Australian lawyer, admitted it was pretty disgusting, but stressed that “[this] is not a case of dangerous food.”

Pest topping made diner’s skin crawl []

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