FOLLOWUP: The Broken Laptop I Sold On Ebay

New developments in the ever-popular story of a guy who got revenge on an ebay seller who sold him a broken laptop by posting embarrassing photos found on the notebook once it arrived.

According to the Daily Mail, the buyer is Thomas Sawyer, 23 and he’s willing to offer a ‘truce.’

In exchange for an apology from Amir Massoud Tofangsaza and his money back, Thomas will take down the blog

‘I did not make any allegations against Amir,” says Thomas, in reference to those who exhorted Amir to sue for libel, “I simply documented what I found on the hard drive after he broke repeated promises to refund my money for goods which were broken when I received them.

Thomas isn’t the only one Amir victimized, Debbie McInerney, a 42-year-old IT admin, said she bought an eBayed iPod from the 18-year-old and paid for it but he never sent it.

“He sent me repeated emails asking when he could expect to receive funds, but never responded once after I started asking him when he would send it,” she told the Daily Mail, who also reported:

    “Amir, who claims the laptop was not broken and that the pornographic images and pictures of legs were nothing to do with him, said he had been forced to go into hiding since the website was made public because of threatening and racist phone calls.”

He refused to comment on the proposal by Sawyer.

UPDATE: The Broken Laptop I Sold on Ebay
The Broken Laptop I Sold on Ebay

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