BREAKING: IRS Archive Control Sold to Lowest Bidder

An anonymous tipster writes that the IRS lost a bid yesterday and its archives will now be controlled by a company in Florida.

The tipster writes that the government is undergoing “restructuring” whereby:

    “Sections of each agency “not related to the inner workings of the government” are being made to “bid” for the work they had done previously. Im part of the file retention unit (basically, the archives) of the IRS, and our section is one that has to bid.

    “Yesterday], we lost that bid, to a company in florida. Which means that our government will no longer be controlling your tax documents that are archival in nature (and we also store documents for this tax year) it will be in the hands of the lowest bidder.”

    This is also happening to other governmental agencies, not just the IRS. Corporations aren’t controlling the “inner workings” of each agency, but everything ELSE is being sliced up and delivered.

His latest entry is here and he promises to post developments.

Much to his surprise, when the regional director…

Told the news, the tipster’s fellow employee’s questions revolved around whether they could hired with the new company, and not, as he developed a headache thinking over, the long-term ramifications of outsourcing the entire government.

We’re intrigued, but not necessarily alarmed, this could be a good thing, after all. As long as the core operations are kept intact, the “restructuring” could lead to greater overall efficiencies, which can only mean one thing: tax breaks for the rich, which will undoubtedly trickle down to the neediest of all: the lower upper middle class.

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