The News is Incredibly Newsy

• After losing Nick Denton as a customer yesterday, Vonage is scrabbling to calm investors. [NYT]
• Time Warner and Comcast sued by small Florida cable operator over their plans to acquire Adelphia. The lawsuit may be frivolous, but anything to see them bleed, right?. [LAT]
• You’ve Got Debt: AOL member thought he had an unlimited $4.95 a month plan but after switching to broadband, gets bill for $1,595.69. [Tribune]
• Foxnews launches site devoted to covering video gaming. Who knew reactionary kneejerkism could look so aesthetically disgusting? [FoxNews]
• Reporter buys a cheap Dell and opens every spam and suspicious file to see how much malware and viruses he can get before Geek Squad declares it a total loss. [Wired]

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