The Government: Reading Your Email to Fight Terrorism!

Every day, I wake up to bluebirds twittering outside my window, throw up the curtains to wash my face in buttery sunshine and sing a little song to myself, confident that this will be the last day that I can enjoy another one of life’s little rights to privacy.

In this case, Alberto Gonzales has invoked the dreaded T-word to justify the government’s snopping around on the websites you visit, the emails you send and the searches you type into Google.

Previously, Gonzales had only used the tired old pedophillia lemon to justify some white-collar snoop getting a proxy boner over the mash notes you’ve been sending to your mistress. But now it’s all about terrorism. After all, what other word has the power to drive Americans into such a frenzy of paranoia?

Think about this: the same government that recently lost 26 million social security numbers now wants to have a massive data trove containing all of your online transactions. Is anyone comfortable with this?

Terrorism invoked in ISP snooping proposal []

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