T-Mobile Rep Parries Consumerist Complaint

Back in February, we ran Sam C’s complaint about a T-Mobile price increase for text messages, raising it from five cents to ten cents per message. On the page detailing the change a footnote remarked how long the “discounted” price would remain in effect. Our complainant compared it to the novel 1984, wherein, “Winston notes that people had demonstrated to thank Big Brother because their chocolate ration had been increased to 20 grams. (when it had actually be reduced to 20 from 30).”

The rate increase really annoyed Sam as all he could do about it was kvetch.

However, an email from an alleged T-Mobile customer service rep tells us differently. “Customers actually had 30 days after recieving their statements in january 2006 detaiing the increase in charges to cancel WITHOUT an early termination fee,” says Matt G.

Thanks Matt! Now that’s what we call customer retention!


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  1. DCB says:

    Verizon wireless just increased my rate to read text messages from 2 cents to 10 cents. That’s 500%! Sending is still 10 cents.

    They are pushing hard for everyone to get on text messaging bundles.

  2. SamC says:

    Not only did I kvetch, I got sarcastic!

  3. madderhatter says:

    I just left t-Mobile a couple of days ago – been with them since they were PowerTel. Wouldn’t give me a “single” incentive to re-up a contract that I haven’t been in in a year (free agent). Fine. Cancel both accounts effective today … hello Verizon. Good retention job there, bub.

  4. 6614723088 says:

    I am also with T.Mobile they are billing me for text messages (alerts) that are being sent to me. I never requested these. They refuse to credit me for these they offer me to change my number which is an inconvenience. why should i have to change a number that they issued to me and was supposed to be new and reset. I asked well if you change my number wont the next person have the same problem? They answered: WELL IT WONT BE YOUR PROBLEM!!!!! I said wow! That tells me alot about your customer service.

  5. Danekay says:

    American Airlines Fiasco. My wife and I(Daniel A. Krich) flew on Jun 26th with a scheduled 12:50pm flight from Irvine, California. We got there with 2 hrs. to spare, and the flight was canceled. We arranged for a later flight at 11:45PM out of LAX with Business Seats. We rented a car for $170, got there at 9:45PM. My wife got a flight status text from AA saying it was delayed until 1:05. We avoided returning the car in case of flight cancellation, and my wife went in to business class line to find out about the delay. There was no one to help, and after a half hour she got to the desk and was told American made a mistake, and the flight was on time. She then called me, I went in with the bag to check it, which took another half hour. As I’m waiting on line, two people were available to speak to and I asked for their help, and in response was told “You’re not first on line so we’re not going to help you!”. Shocked, I finally got to the desk at which point it was 10:50. 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After being treated horribly the past few days I figured they’d charge us for a storage fee. Luckily they didn’t sink that low. After this I don’t feel any one should fly AA with such service, to be treated like this by supervisor’s, in business class, and my wife being pregnant, giving her enough stress to bleed and endanger our baby.