DeLorean is Back to the Future of the Now

If you’ve got $42,500, Tony Ierardi would like to sell you a DeLorean. A car enthusiast, Tony bought the rights to the DeLorean name, as well as all the leftover parts he could find. Now he’s set up shop in Naples Florida and is churning out orders. There’s currently a two-month waiting list.

DeLorean Motor Company (Thanks to Al Cabino!)


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  1. The Unicorn says:

    Let’s see if those bastards can do 90.

  2. Paul D says:

    I consider myself a Delorean enthusiast (go ahead, ask me anything!). I went to the Delorean Car Show in Pigeon Forge, TN a couple of years ago. It was a pretty good time, and there were lots of cars to look at.

    You don’t need $42k to own one. There are several on Ebay right now in the low $20’s.