New Burgers Turn Hearts Into Hand Grenades

With yellowish cholesterol practically spraying out of the pores of the average American, what are the nation’s fast food purveyors doing to stop it? They’ve pulled out the mop and bucket, wiped it off the floor, then used the wringer to drip it back into the next burger they sell you.

For example, take Burger King’s Meatnormous Omelete Sandwich. two slices of fluorescent cheese, two chicken ovums and half a hog on a toasted bum. 740 calories. Or Hardee’s Monster Thickburger — a cow cut in half, greased with bacon and slathered in mayonnaise and cheese. 1420 calories.

When I go home to the States every year, I have a “things to eat” list. These sandwiches just made bullet points 1 and 2.

Fat Dude Nation [Stay Free Daily]

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