PETA: “Cows Are Going Extinct.”

PETA is claiming that the cow is going to go extinct because we keep eating hamburgers. A theory so ludicrous that it can only be responded to with an astounded aposiopesis…

Although PETA’s wheatgrass-puking hippies might not recognize the reality disconnect of their theory, we’ll briefly highlight it: there are more cows now than there have ever been in the history of the world. The reason? It’s because we like to bean cows with sledgehammers, barbecue up hunks of their quivering flesh and then consume them between hamburger rolls. Not to mention society’s penchant for drinking the thick, creamy liquid that comes out of the cow’s butt.

Click on the image above to see the ads in all its crazy gory.

PETA Ads [Adblather]


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  1. FredTheCat says:

    The other ad there is curious too…is there some huge Elephant Candy market I’m not aware of?


  2. mika123 says:

    Have you never seen elephant legs cooking in kebab shops? :D

  3. mark duffy says:

    Don’t forget funnest part–the tipping. First you tip, then bean, then barbecue.

  4. Kluv says:

    Maybe you prefer the “thick creamy liquid” that comes out of it’s butt, but I’ll take the stuff that comes from the teat.

  5. If PETA had their way, of course, then cows would not be raised for any commercial purpose. So the only reason for anybody to bother raising any domesticated breed of cattle would be as pets – a subject about which PETA have sent mixed signals.

    Even if pets were still allowed, I’ll warrant that not many of them would be cows. And domestic cattle are bred for docility and lack of initiative, so they don’t compete well in the wild. And thus, if anybody was going to cause cows to go extinct, it’d be PETA.

    In the real world, of course, cows won’t even go extinct if we learn how to grow cheap beef in vats, because there’ll always be some gourmand out there who insists that, if nothing else, the suffering makes the meat sweeter.

    It’s nice to see PETA saying something that’ obviously ludicrous even from the point of view of the great dimwitted public. Usually their PR stunts go off very well (the naked women sure don’t hurt), but something this dumb shows them up for what they are. PETA are the Mr Mackies of the animal rights world, spouting utter crap all the live-long day which, when people discover how wrong it is, causes those people to decide all animal welfare organisations must be similarly full of shit.

    I’m a supporter of animal welfare.

    I am, however, also against banning cow’s milk (because it’s good for you, if you can digest it, especially if you can stand to drink that whitewash-y low fat stuff). I’m against banning animal research (because it’s well regulated already, and there’s no branch of medicine that’s not been vastly helped by it, and also because almost all of it is not freaky electrodes-in-puppies-brains stuff). And… well, actually, name a PETA policy, and I’m against it.

    They are to animal welfare as the Westboro Baptist Church are to Christianity.

  6. Papercutninja says:

    Daniel Rutter, i commend you.

  7. non-meat-stick says:

    PETA’s main goal is to just get the public to think about an idea, no matter how they have to present it or how far fetched it may be. I am a vegeterian and support animal welfare. But I would never try to force my chocie on another, I don’t wear shirts or hand out flyers, it was my decision. It’s a choice I made when learning about environmental sustainability and corporate farming practices. This thread, this post, this ad are all signs that it’s working. How often does the average ‘merican think about animal welfare? probably not until they see an ad like this one.

    I see PETA as no more idiotic than the NRA or that crazy preacher telling all women they’re going to hell…

  8. AcidReign says:

    …..If nothing else, beef production is grossly inefficient. In an overpopulated world with diminishing resources, you could say that it’s a waste. As to being evil… It’s a sad fact that virtually every animal organism exists because it feeds off the flesh of other life-forms. It’s the way nature’s built. Sure, plants can live off of raw minerals and sunlight, but cows can’t. Who’s to say that the cow should be spared from being eaten, and the poor wheat plant not be spared from the blades of the combine harvester? Peta is pro-animal rights and anti-plant? Sounds like kingdom-prejudice to me!