Upmarket Fur-Lined Hoodies

If you have a secret crush on heinously awesome fashion (as we do), you may enjoy a custom-made fur-lined hoodie from Curls. Each black hoodie features fur and decorative golden chain drawstrings. No pricing information was available, you’ll have to arrange an appointment with proprietor Joseph Bartucci through his website or by calling 917-628-3136.

Keep yours head warm and your discretionary spending discreet. Or indiscreet, depending on whether you choose to flip the hood out or keep the animal shrouded.

You may want to request extra Teflon coating, for easier red paint removal.

Get one at Curls [via The Apt]


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  1. non-meat-stick says:


  2. KevinQ says:

    non-meat-stick: Unfortunately, pigs really don’t make good clothing material. They’re just not fuzzy enough to make good firs, and the skin is too tough to be comfortable when made into leather. But there’s probably a fetish shop out there if that what you’re into.

    My question is, do you get a free order of heroin with each hoodie ordered, or did the model supply her own?


  3. non-meat-stick says:

    what the hell is a fir? is this about pine trees? your comment was very funny though…