Target Gets Returns Right

Dear Consumerist,

I recently had a great experience at Target. This month they’ve had a giant sale on WB shows on DVD, and I picked up a bunch of stuff. Veronica Mars, a couple of seasons of Gilmour Girls…(Don’t laugh. Straight guys are allowed to watch Gilmour Girls. It’s a well-written, funny family drama. Not to mention it stars two beautiful women.) At any rate, I got home, opened my purchases, and realized I’d made a mistake.

What other mistake could reader Juancho have made? Did Target help him fix it? Or did they mock his absentmindedness and WB addiction? Find out, after the jump…

I got some of the Gilmour Girls sets at Christmastime, so I bought them out of order. I had bought one of the ones I already had, and the wrapper was in my hand.

So, I figured I’d try my luck at a return. Two days later, I went back to Target, went to customer service. Explained my problem, and said that I’d be more than willing to take store credit, I was just going to get the other season set I needed. She looked at the set (I even saved the wrapper), said “Well, it’s pretty obvious that you haven’t even watched this,” and proceeded to give me a gift card. I got the right set and was out the door in less than ten minutes.

I enjoy going to Target, and while I know in many ways it’s no better than Wal-Mart, instances of good customer service like this really set the shopping experience apart.


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  1. Ben says:

    Given a choice between making a return at Wal-Mart and making a return at Target, I’d pick Target every time – hands down.

    I think Wal-Mart goes out of their way to make returning an item a miserable experience just to discourage it from happening.

  2. CMPalmer says:

    I don’t know, I once witnessed a guy returning a broken fishing rod to Wal-Mart that he broke while fishing, didn’t have a receipt, and said he bought it “a month, or so, ago”. They took it and told him to go get a new one.

  3. RandomHookup says:

    Gilmore Girls = teh hotness!!!


  4. konstantConsumer says:

    wal-mart is just realy inconsistent. i bought a pair of dickie’s for a halloween costume about a year and a half ago, and realized that i got the wrong cut of pants. i didn’t have the receipt, but it was obvious that i hadn’t worn them. i walked up to the customer care area, and asked it i could just leave those there, and go get the right pair. the guy just gave me the cash instead, no matter that i couldn’t even prove i had bought them.

    after that, i just started grabbing clothes from the rack, walking up to customer care, and getting cash from them. made a couple hundred dollars!

    just kidding about that last part.