Apple Store Opening Revealed

Here’s everything we missed by staying home from the Apple Store opening on Friday.

OMG, Amy Pohler, Rachel Dratch, David Pogue and Steve Jobs! And Mac stuff. And glass. And rain. And throngs of people. And did you see the glass? It’s a slow moving liquid, just like the line to get in.

We enjoy the young lad saying he’s been a Mac fan since he was “a baby. My dad was an early adopter.” Was that of Appleware… or at the orphanage? Don’t worry, the Mac family of computer products and personable software suite are all the family you’ll ever need.

And here’s a 360 degree QTVR panorama of the store at night.

Animal takes a bite out of the opening, including a special secret press card they swiped which got them to the head of the line. Ha ha, suckers!