Naked Cube Store

Skads of rats.

Apple’s cube is being revealed tomorrow. We were going to station a reporter inside and get awesome liveblogging coverage of all the subterranean delights (as the cube is merely the entranceway to an underground Apple lair).

Then some members of the press got a sneak peak today and shouted it out to Gothamist. We knew we should’ve kept that lil card snugged inside the brim of our fedora.

There’s more pix here

The store will be open 265/24/7 and will provide the blueprint for future Apple meccas, the next of which is slated for Freehold, NJ, aka, the capital of cool.

UPDATE: In case there’s any confusion, we are not liveblogging the store opening. It’s already been scooped. Go turn on your TV, we’re sure it’s there somewhere.

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