Best Buy Fulfills Its Name

Man goes to Best Buy. Buys iPod. Has good experience. Universe implodes.

    I bought my 40GB 3G iPod, the black and white model, when it first came out, and I bought the BestBuy replacement plan with it. A year or so later, the battery died. I brought it into BestBuy, and the Geek Squad guy sent it away and told me he’d call in about a week. He called right on time, I picked it up, and it worked great. Until I got home. That’s when I noticed that Apple, during the battery replacement, had seriously gnarled the white plastic liner around the jack in the bottom of the iPod. I couldn’t plug it in to sync it. I brought it back to BestBuy the next day, mad but not at them, and the Geek Squad guy sympathized. He spoke to his manager, who came over and let me pick up a new 60GB iPod Photo (new at the time) and walk out of the store, no hassles.

    Thought a positive consumer experience might be a nice change of pace.



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  1. Falconfire says:

    I can tell you 100% that never went to Apple for repair. They send it to their own guys, not Apple.

  2. CMPalmer says:

    iPods are the only thing I’ve ever bought extended warrenties on. My son got a mini for his birthday and, before a year was out, it made a trip through the washing machine. I didn’t have the AppleCare (or whatever), but the Best Buy warrenty. I told them it went through the washing machine, they said they didn’t carry that model anymore (I forget the memory sizes, but it was the smallest mini size – 2GB?), but they gave me the mini they currently carried (4GB? 6GB?). Either way, it was a free upgrade, no hassle, and the destruction of the original was our fault.

  3. non-meat-stick says:

    don’t try to make best buy look good here. the geek squad is a hired contactor. this was no blue shirty

  4. Morgan says:

    I dunno, non-meat-stick, I think that hiring knowledgable and courtious contractors speaks well of a company, even if their training of their own employees sucks. It’s good to know that you should head straight for the Geek Squad, dodging the blue shirts, if you want something taken care of correctly.

  5. hiphopnerd says:

    Pretty sure that although Geek Squad started independently, they’re now fully owned by BB…