Antispam Spammer Gets Spammed Out of Business

We pretty much knew this was going to end in tears when we first heard of antispam company Blue Security’s scheme to start spamming spammers. The idea was technically sound: market a software that automatically floods addresses associated with spammers with millions of emails, shutting down their servers and spam capabilities.

Unfortunately, you can’t beat the spammers at their own game. After a few early successes, Blue Security ticked off the wrong Russian, who launched a DDoS attack through thousands of computers to shut down Blue Security as well as numerous ISPs. Then he issued the company an ultimatum: Blue Security closes its doors, or the next attack includes a virus.

Of course, if the spammer had gone through with that, you know who’d be sued: Blue Security. So the company has now left the anti-spam arena with its tail between its legs. They are currently looking for a new way to use their anti-spam spamming technology to help beleaguered customers. Hey, Blue Security! How about a device that allows us to automatically funnel junk mail back to the companies that keep sending it to us?

Antispam advocate succumbs to spammer []

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