George Costanza Pimps The McDLT

Jason Alexander really does turn-in the most enthusiastic performance of his career as he desperately hustles to get you to buy an innovative new McDonald’s sandwich, the McDLT. Keep your hot side hot, your cold side cold! He dances, he sings, he shucks and jives!

Oddly enough, we think this product would probably do a lot better now than it did then. And the jingle’s definitely catchier than that Justin Timberlake crap they’ve got going now.


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  1. Clampants says:

    Is that Keith Hernandez happily chowing down on a cool-crisp McDLT around 00:37?

  2. Tom Hespos says:

    McD’s used to keep the hot side hot and the cool side cool with a special styrofoam container. Even if they could make it out of recycled material, I dunno if they’d be willing to risk a dustup over the packaging. It’s a shame. I liked the McDLT. Second only to the McMous- er- McRib.

  3. Falconfire says:

    Ahh I miss the old styrofoam packaging. The 80’s, those where the days.