Finally. Barbie Goes Cheesecake.

Mattel has announced that every ten year old boy’s secret plastic girlfriend, Barbie, is finally going 50’s sexpot. The lascivious, long legged tramp is getting her own “Pin-Up” line of dolls, inspired by the fifty year old cheesecake calendars still mustily crumbling upon the wall of our grandfathers’ garages.

Aimed at the adult market, the first three dolls feature Barbie as an imminently spankable cowgirl, a glittery Vegas madam and a grass-skirt hula girl whose amorphous genitalia can be exposed by the slightest rippling of the air.

Great idea, Mattel! Now what about an Art Frahm Barbie, with her panties around her ankles? Although we’d settle for a bent-over Barbie wearing a thong, dollops of water clearly beaded across the sublimity of her ass.

Barbie embraces her inner sexpot [Denver Post] (via Adfreak. Again.)

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