Barbie Scarred Me, And I Liked It

Lil Miss Rodeo is the least of [insert the name a potentially concerned party here]’s worries about the new line of Barbie pinup dolls. How about French Maid Barbie?

In fact, there’s a whole line of “working woman” Barbies, including: stewardess, teacher and nurse.

All the aforementioned models are reported as “coming in May.”

Wait a minute, are these product lines or section titles on one’s favorite porn stories site?

Oh, pshaw, Mattel is just taking Barbie back to her roots. Her roots as a German fetish sex toy.

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(Thanks to Sarah!)


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  1. Drinker Nisti says:

    maid, teacher, nurse, and stewardess (what happened to “flight attendant”)??

    And here’s Barbie The High-Class Scottish Call-Girl.

    All part of “celebrating the working woman” right? Sigh. At least back in my day there was a doctor barbie…