Paypal’s PR Agency Promises to Help Resolve Consumerist Reader Complaint

Last week we wrote about Max, who tried to send money to his friend through Paypal but found himself ensnarled in a technical and customer service nightmare. In the end, his road of good intentions lead to B”anned from Paypal and Ebay Land,” a decidedly unhappy place excised from The Wizard of Oz as it frightened the focus group children terribly so.

Today, a Paypal PR flak emailed us, wanting to reach out and touch Max.

We’ve forwarded her email to Max who can talk to Kara at his discretion.

Will this debauch have a happy ending?

Even if so, it will still be quite pathetic if it takes the firm touch of a hamburger helper to get Paypal to not treat its customers like meat to be minced.

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