Coke Sued to Stop Using Leaded Labels

Coke? Will that be unleaded or regular? California prefers the former and sued Coca-Cola yesterday, asking it to pretty please with a dead baby on top, to stop using lead-based paint on their labels. Reports the LA Times:

    “According to the suit, the labels on glass bottles of Mexican-made Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light (Diet Coke), Fanta and Sprite are contaminated with high levels of lead and cadmium that can rub off on hands and possibly be ingested. “Lead is so toxic that even minuscule amounts can be hazardous to human health,” the suit says.

    A joint investigation by Lockyer’s and Delgadillo’s offices found that painted labels on Mexican soft drinks, which are popular particularly with Southern California Latinos, contained as much as 45% lead.”

On April 21st, California similarly sued Pepsi who ended up agreeing to not use lead-based paint on new bottles and to remove all leaded bottles within the generous time-frame of 10 years.

Mmm, now you know why kids love soda pop like dogs love antifreeze.

CA Cokes Over Lead in Labels” [LAT] [photo]