Verizon Sued $5 Billion for Phone Record Sale to NSA

Leaving nary a moment to spare, two public interest lawyers filed suit against Verizon on Friday for $5 billion, for gross violation of citizen’s privacy in the telcos’ sale of phone records to the NSA.

Attorneys Bruce Afran and Carl Mayer filed the lawsuit in federal district court in Manhattan. Afran said of the NSA program, “This is the largest and most vast intrusion of civil liberties we’ve ever seen in the United States.”

The lawsuit contends the sale violated the Telecommunications Act and the Constitutional amendment against unreasonable search and seizure. (Any legal beagles out there want to find the filings source documents?)

Any citizen can sign up for the class action lawsuit. All they have to do is say that Verizon made them to spill hot coffee on their lap.

Verizon Sued for $5 Billion” [All Headlines News via Digg]


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  1. Ben Popken says:

    CKD-H writes:

    “Just a quick point about Verizon et al turning over the requested data to the NSA.
    The way it worked was by phone number…to another phone number…if the two numbers in question “clicked’ as it were, then more action was taken to determine who was doing what.
    It didn’t pick up me ordering a thick crust pizza lat Monday night.

    Although I am not overly in favor of such activity, from a legal standpoint the Government is in the clear as far as I can tell. Courts have ruled in the past that warrants are not always necessary for such masses of information of that particular sort.. I have no doubt that this will be played out with great hysteria by politicians and by ratings seekers, not to mention the odd member of the plaintiff’s bar. I really don’t think it is going anywhere in the long run unless there is a lot more to this than we already know. Being that I am quite well placed in DC and NY I think I might have been at least lightly informed if they were going after anyone who isn’t already a bad guy…
    I DO think that the General is finished. For political theater if no other reason, he is unlikely to be confirmed and Bush will be very stupid to waste much political capital on him. Very clearly Negroponte (who is a neighbor of mine) wants someone at Langley who will go his way…I am sure he has back-up choices.”

  2. Nick says:

    Excuse me? They have a record of every call. Perhaps it doesn’t include names, but phone-book databases are readily available to look that up, and thus put names to numbers.

    This _is_ a vast invasion of privacy for US citizens and residents (FYI, I’m not one), and there are no controls over what the NSA uses the gathered information for.