Target’s Current Affairs Doormat

Damn spooks showing at the doorstep, traipsing inside and getting their dirty data-miner boots all over the wall-to-wall shag carpet. Now you can remind them to wipe AND obtain a warrant before entering, with this fetching doormat from Target.

The product description reads, “A little defensive, are we? Then plunk this straight-to-the-point doormat on your front stoop. Sure to make visitors laugh, the simply designed and worded mat reads: Come back with a warrant. The indoor-outdoor carpet is perfect bound with stitched edges. Wash with outdoor hose. Made in USA.”

Available in Pallid Flesh Gray with Secret Helicopter Black inlay. Only $15.99 at, but the price of freedom is forever.

We hear the mat on the NSA’s doorstep has the Constitution printed on it.

[via NowPublic]

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