Ant-Like FedEx Airplanes Swarm Around Thunderstorms

We’re fascinated by this catchy video of FedEx airplane route variations, in which the planes weave ant-like through the small patches of clear skies as a massive Thunderstorm approaches Memphis. If you ever wondered why your delivery took so damn long, here’s your answer: like my aged mother, Fed Ex pilots don’t like driving in the rain.


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  1. That Guy says:

    Trucks? Are you sure those aren’t planes?

  2. Chad Cloman says:

    They are planes. Original link here, with a brief explanation.

  3. Chris Gibson says:

    I’m so sad! You didn’t use the strikeout tag on this story’s corrections! It was funnier when it was “trucks,” really! Plus, the last sentence made sense, since pilots aren’t actually driving. Although the whole thing loses some “punch” when it turns out that it’s planes avoiding thunderstorms. Perhaps the last sentence should be “like my aged mother, the FedEx pilots want to live to see another day, rather than flying through thunderstorms and being hurled to the ground like toothpicks, having their crunchy aluminum skins broken open, and all the juicy tender insides strewn about the countryside.”

  4. Plasmafire says:

    As a person who had to deal with lost Fedex, USPS, and UPS packages when working as a CSR I find this video the funniest thing I have seen in a long time, almost as funny as the time a customer claimed a FEDEX truck got stolen in North Hollywood and claimed they needed another package sent to them, only to call FEDEX and find out they were lying their butts off.

  5. wetkarma says:

    I’m fascinated by the idea that “trucks” could be represented on a radar display. While obviously the video portrays planes, I’m wondering if the same re-routing mechanism might not be uesful for FedEx to do vis-a-vis traffic reports.

  6. In my defense, I didn’t really come across this with an explaining link. I thought they were trucks and it was some sort of FedEx GPS thing. Also, Ben corrected the story for me… when I pointed out the last line made no sense with regards to plane, he disagreed, thinking the humor was heightened by the absurdity.