Airhitch Hookup Ends in Bitchslap

Customer looks for answers from, a site that helps people hitchhike on commercial jets; instead, gets ass roundly handed to them. After the conversation turns deadly, the customer threatens to take a screenshot of the chat and send it around cyberworld, the Airhitch CSR tells him to, “Send it to GOD if you want.”

Read the harangue here, via this post on Gridskipper.

And for bonus kicks, here’s what happened when the author of “Cooking to Hook Up” had the gall to ask about some West Coast travel arrangements. What followed was a didactic and vituperative stream of emails from “customer service” whose exhortations are only excusable by their psychotic, elitist and quite amusing nature.


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  1. Rick Dobbs says:

    I think we also found the guy who does as well.

  2. AcidReign says:

    …..This reminds me of the conversation I had with the Symantec support guy, six months after I had bought the Norton Anti-virus 3.0 lifetime upgrade package. They canceled support of that product after only six months. The tech guy said that my only recourse was to buy a new NAV 4.0 package, but it really wasn’t. A cracked Norton Systemworks 2002 CD-R from a co-worker worked just as well, and forced Norton to honor more of their obligation! Of course, I got tired of what a system-hog Norton was, and switched to AVG Free. You can actually run it without choking your system…

  3. x23 says:

    wait… back up… you can hitchhike on planes?

  4. OkiMike says:

    Actually, after reading it, I’d have to agree with the AirHitch staffer. The customer was a total pussy and should’ve been more interested in solving the problem like the staffer said.

    But it’s not always that simple, is it?