Mp3 of Cingular’s ‘Racist’ Ringtone

According to our tipster, this is the ringtone Cingular was forced to remove due to its racist overtones.

Listen here.

If you listen to the southern cop’s last words, it sounds like there’s more than just one group that take umbrage in this ringtone imbroglio.

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  1. Benko says:

    racist tinge aside, this should be removed just because it sucks! who the hell would want to use such a stupid ringtone?

  2. Paul D says:

    I have ceased being surprised by the manner of ridiculous ringtones people will pay for and use.

    The thing that I still don’t get is the “ringback” thing. (Where, instead of the familiar “boooooop… booooop…. booooop” you hear when you call someone, they can create or select a song or audio clip that plays while you wait for them to answer.)

    Sorry, bro. When I call you, I don’t really want to listen to that Hoobastank song you think is so goddamned poignant.