Peeping Tom on 5th Ave Shop Windows

As promised, the results of our Tuesday stroll down 5th avenue, peeking inside all the windows and seeing what we could see. Not all stores are represented in this set; frankly, we found many of the displays tired and staid. Here’s a few things that caught our eye, in a magic Flickr gallery.

Click on a photo to start the slideshow. If the photos disappear, hit refresh or go backwards. (sorry, code it buggy)

The strongest showing was by Saks Fifth Avenue who definitely lead the pack in style and innovation. Their windows are in a cinematic aspect ratio and they exploit their bold-face headline window space with grace and aplomb. The result has a breath of mothball and a deprecating cuteness but at least it tells a bit of a story. A story of, apparently, cupcakes and cleaning solution, but a story nonetheless.


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  1. mrscolex says:

    Thanks consumerist. I’ve always wanted to know what walking down the street in NY was like, but now that you’ve posted these pictures I’ll never have to figure it out for myself.

  2. Nick Douglas says:

    Ah, so in New York the overpriced clothes are NEW. Your city kicks my city’s ass.

  3. ltflux says:

    “change is good, as long as it’s in the white direction.”

    thanks, kenneth cole, for a pun that would make the KKK proud.