Google Trends Forecasts Our Watery Demise

Using the fancy new Google Trends web app launched today, we were able to rank which US cities are searching for Wal-mart, iPods, Amazon and Sex the most, as well as compare results by city.

According to statistical analysis, if we want to improve traffic, we should immediately switch to porn. The second best option would to be switch the focus of the site to Tampa area Wal-Marts. Imagine the headlines: Cleanup on Gator Hats, Aisle Five.


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  1. matto says:

    OMG, Google Trends is the neatest thing ever. Without it, I’d never know that were I to become an American Idol judge, the best way to get publicity would be to nail a contestant, or how I could ever answer the age old question, boxers or briefs?

    Seriously, though. I’m sure many folks, including The ‘Hoff and Ashton Kutcher would love to go head-to-head, mano a mano, duking it out to see who’s on top.

    After all, the results might surprise you.