Kotaku, Eater of Worlds, E3 Coverage

It’s day 2 of the mega E3 gaming expo, and Kotaku has grown stronger and faster, previewing all the games and devices you’ll be begging for/awarding yourself this Christmas.

This Christmas in July, that is.

  • Grand Theft Auto 4 announced. This time you’re a gangster pimp in colonial Burma.
  • How would you like to cast spells with your feet? Do it with these toe-controlled foot fraggers.
  • Robin Williams spins one-liners about Spore, the alien creature growing game. Three out of eight are drug-related. Dude’s still on the top of his game.
  • In a sign of the creeping force of neo-puritanism dominating the American psyche, this year there’s been a “bikini ban” on the booth babes. These chicks protested with their curves, legs and smiles. C’mon E3, this is the only chance for many of the expo’s participants to see bare female flesh.

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