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What are the speakers of choice for successful overlords of blog industry? Nick Denton, Gawker Media head honcho and international bon vivant, prefers Mackie 450s.

They’re perfecting for throwing bitchin’ loft parties where the guests sign a non-disclosure agreement before entering. What’s really great, Nick found, is that they’re self-powered, removing the need for costly amps and confusing arrangements of cords and device clusters.

He writes, “I wish someone had told me about this years ago, before I wasted money on fancy stereo systems that blow every time I have a party.”

More details, after the jump…

Nick writes:

    “I just bought two self-powered speakers, Mackie 450s. Setup was very easy. The speakers came with power cables, and nothing else. I got an XLR-XLR cable to chain the two speakers. And an XLR adapter. Plugged in my tiny iPod Shuffle — and huge sound filled my apartment.

    Awesome. Never have speakers so powerful been controlled from so tiny a device. Now I can throw out my pointless high-end amp, which they said was perfectly matched to the speakers, now defunct, that I bought. Liars.”

2 x $699.99 at Rock and Soul for the speakers.
$39.99 10-Ft. Monster XLR-to-XLR Cable at RadioShack
$21.99 16-Ft. XLR-to-1/4″ Microphone Cable at RadioShack
$1461.96 TOTAL.

Being Nick Denton… well, you know how the chestnut goes.


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  1. AcidReign says:

    …..Oh, I like this! 300 watts per channel with quality drivers! Can’t imagine playing MP3s through it, though. It’s like serving a Krystal burger on 200-year-old Wedgewood. Yuck.

    …..If you’re shelling out $1500 on speakers, get a decent CD changer, at least. Or better yet, DVD audio!

  2. non-meat-stick says:

    word to that AcidReign

  3. Thumper says:

    There’s a lot to be said for decent audio equipment. Not “I bought Monster Cable at Best Buy” but more “these speakers are made by a company that between the times they wake up and go to sleep…speakers.” Know what you’re trying to accomplish use the Internet and go listen.

  4. homerjay says:

    Whats the deal with all the overlap between The Consumerist and Gizmodo lately?

  5. Thumper says:


  6. SamC says:

    Actually, AcidReign, I’ve played MP3s on Mackies, and they play just right.

    I wouldn’t, however, connect them up to an expensive hi-fi stereo system. Their fidelity just isn’t all that great. (And, if you’re daisy-chaining the speakers, then you’re not getting a stereo output, only mono) More like serving filet mingon on tupperware.

    The great thing about XLR is that they don’t pick up a lot of line noise, so you can run them for a long distance away from your source and they’ll still sound the same.

    Mackies are great for not losing a lot of sound quality if you crank them up. So, if you want a good loud party, buy these mackies. (And when I say loud, I mean bleeding-from-the-ears loud. Trust me on this.)

    They’re great outdoors too, since they’re pretty sturdy.

  7. SamC says:

    As a footnote… Monster cable? Ew.

    Get the 25′ Cables-to-Go brand cable for $22.

    They’re just as good (and cheaper). Save yourself some money.

  8. AcidReign says:

    …..Sam, you’ve got to run them in stereo. This ain’t 1955. No, Mackies aren’t Denon hi-fi equivalent. But, you run the music loud, and the ears provide the compression and eq! I’ve read the data where this is supposed to kill cochlear receptors, but I’m not so sure that we don’t adapt over long-term exposure! We have a tendency to go deaf in my family in old age, but curiously, the “no noise, you’re too loud” folk seem to have it worse. The music-lovers who crank it up don’t need hearing aids, at least until they croak from cirrosis or heart disease!

    …..XLR is a no-brainer. The higher the voltage, the less the power-loss. That’s why they run power into the city on big at 880,000 volt line…

  9. drsmith says:

    Usually, one only sees XLR’s on pro equipment. The one burning question, though, is why Mackie didn’t also put an unbalanced input on the back. It would have cost them all of $5 in parts! Hail to fattening the profit margin!

    One other thing – enough with all the “After the jump” BS. There’s nothing more annoying than having to load a completely separate page just to read the end of the post. The consumerist is like a girlfriend that says she wants it, then doesn’t put out.

  10. non-meat-stick says:

    you forgot the “because she’s drunk” part…

  11. AcidReign says:

    …..I go down the Consumerist main page and knock out a right-click/new tab on any post that looks interesting, usually via the “comments” link. I then click the “next page” link, and go to my tabs. Each tab contains the complete story (no jump) and all the comments. Then I can read, post, and close the tab on each story. When I run out of tabs, it’s time to similarly load the next page’s posts. Works great.

    …..This way, you keep your main page you’re linking from up and loaded, and you don’t have to find your way back. Once you get used to tabbed browsing, you’ll never go back to navigating with the forward and back buttons!