Washington Mutual Is Our Friend With Benefits (That We Couldn’t Care Less About)

We’ve just been the lucky recipient of exciting news; the PIN range our debit card belongs to has been hacked. To celebrate, Washington Mutual is “upgrading” our debit card “to gold status for free.”

Our benefits will include:

  • Double manufacturer’s warranties for up to one year
  • Toll-free US roadside assistance and worldwide travel assistance
  • Theft and damage protection for 90 days after purchase
  • Price protection for 60 days after purchase

Great! A bunch of stuff we don’t need and didn’t ask for.

Recently, our magnetic strip stopped reading as well and retailers have to punch the debit card number by hand. An eerie coincidence.

Ah, here it is, “you’ll receive a Washington Mutual Gold Debit MasterCard to replace your Visa Check Card.” That’s right, we forgot, they’re changing their debit card vendor. Maybe MasterCard will prove more resilient to people stealing debit card numbers, decrypting the PINs and making counterfeit cards and withdrawing all your money, as detailed our The Russian Connection thread.

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