Talking Bible Dolls ‘Fun,’ ‘Faithful,’ But Can You Wash Them in a Lake of Fire?

We’re always excited by new product releases, especially when they’re graven images of Christian religious figures.

From the press release: “For parents, fun and faith can be a match made in heaven; for kids, Talking Bible Dolls – the fabulously creative brainchildren of Cliff and Laureen Rockwood – are yakking up a storm with eager little boys and girls the world over.”

Wait, sorry, did we say graven? We meant huggable plush dolls that recite bible verses when squeezed. Hear what they say, and more, after the jump…

At you can even hear clips of what the dolls say.

Moses doll recites the Ten Commandments, pared down to bite-sized commands like, “Don’t steal” and “Don’t commit adultery.” The second commandment becomes , “You shall not make yourself any false gods.”

That’s just two camel hairs away from, “You shall not make for yourself a graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them or serve them…” (Exodus 20:4-6 RSV).

The press release harbingering the god dolls, subject line “Move over Barbie: Chatty New Bible Dolls Have Much to Say to Kids,” sent in by the almighty Bucky Turco, is presented here in its entirety.

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Move over Barbie: Chatty New Bible Dolls Have Much to Say to Kids
Talking Bible Dolls: Fun and Faith in One Huggable Package

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BOSTON, MA — For parents, fun and faith can be a match made in heaven; for kids, Talking Bible Dolls – the fabulously creative brainchildren of Cliff and Laureen Rockwood – are yakking up a storm with eager little boys and girls the world over.

After searching for a playful, but effective way to introduce their daughter to basic biblical principles, the Boston-area couple was inspired to create a cute and cuddly doll that would communicate timeless wisdom to their child – principles she could carry with her throughout life.

“As parents, it’s so important to provide children with compassion, values, and the wisdom we believe is the foundation for a wholesome life,” said Cliff Rockwood. “While children eventually outgrow their toys, we believe the treasures they are exposed to in childhood will be in their hearts forever.”

Esther, Moses, and Jesus are soft plush, twelve-inch high talking dolls. Each character’s voice is activated when a child hugs its heart. The simple but profound messages the dolls share are central to what this teaching tool is about. The Talking Bible Dolls speak positive messages.

The Jesus doll says things like, “I knew about you before you were even born.” Moses gives advice, such as “honor your father and mother,” and tells children they “must not lie” or steal. Esther reveals that she “pleaded with the king to save [her] friends and family.”

Explained Rockwood, “We chose Esther because she is a great example for little girls. Through wisdom, courage, and compassion, she was able to save peoples’ lives.”

Three more dolls are currently in the design phase of completion, and the Rockwoods plan to create many more. Their concept couldn’t be simpler, and at the same time infused with more potential impact. With a Talking Bible Doll, a child is exposed to biblical wisdom, hears positive messages about the world, and has fun at the same time.

So far, says Rockwood, the response to the dolls has been inspiring. People recognize and appreciate what a marvelous tool the dolls are, and tend to collect multiples for each grandchild, son, daughter, niece or nephew; buyers seem always to have a specific child in mind – and the wholesome life they picture for him or her – when they are contemplating them as gifts.

“Recently we received a letter from a parent in West Virginia, who has a son with a cognitive disability,” said Cliff. “Their child is 32 years old, but has the intellectual capacity of a five-year-old. His parents gave him one of our dolls for his birthday, so that he could develop his own relationship with God. His parents wrote to say that he loves the Talking Bible Doll they ordered for him, and presses the doll’s heart each night to hear the messages. It doesn’t get much better than this.”

Parents, grandparents, Sunday school teachers, church nursery volunteers – just about anyone with a desire to influence children positively will find Talking Bible Dolls to be the perfect toy, said Rockwood. “They really are a great resource; a natural way to introduce children to the stories told in the Bible.”

The Rockwoods have not only introduced Talking Bible Dolls to Children and parents in North America; they have a real vision for a worldwide outreach that will take this wonderful toy to children around the globe.

“We have been in contact with many international outreach organizations, and are using their infrastructures to accomplish this goal,” explained Rockwood. “So far we have donated dolls to operation Christmas Child, through the Samaritan’s Purse, as well as to the hurricane Katrina victims.”

Added Laureen Rockwood, “Our hope is that this simple toy will stir the hearts of children all over the world – at an early age – to have a personal relationship with God. Eventually, we will offer them in different languages. In some areas our dolls are the only toy a child will ever have the opportunity to play with.”

Many individuals and church groups have donated the resources to get the dolls into the hands of missionaries, churches, and individuals in various nations. “We have partnered with many world outreach organizations to directly impact children all over the globe,” she said.

Whether at home or abroad, Talking Bible Dolls are touching the lives of children. “Toys can be fun and instructional at the same time,” noted Cliff Rockwood. “Why not spiritual too? How awesome it is to know that there are kids
who are being mentored for eternity by these simple toys that speak profound truths.”

A 40 percent discount is extended to qualifying missions groups desiring to use Talking Bible Dolls in their works. To learn more about Talking Bible Dolls, visit online at


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  1. Paul D says:

    Those are jebustastic.

  2. Ben Popken says:

    Michael writes:

    “I find it fairly interesting that the Jesus doll says “I knew about you before
    you were even born,” which changes the meaning of the full quote by pulling it
    out of context. The phrase is referencing Jeremiah 1:5, where Jesus says to
    Jeremiah “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set
    you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

    In the bible, whatever version, the phrase is directed specifically at Jeremiah,
    an individual that was chosen before birth to be a rather significant prophet of
    the lord. Jeremiah was “known” because he was destined to be a prophet, not
    just because. We’ve got three scenarios, then.

    1. The creators of the doll don’t know the greater context of the passage, and
    are just parroting an often misinterpreted quote.
    2. The creators know the greater context, but choose to ignore it in order to
    change the meaning of the message.
    3. The creators believe that every child who squeezes their plush Jesus is a
    future prophet on par with Jeremiah.

    So yeah, I’m not religious or anything but at the same time, it really gets to
    me when people who are don’t even bother to study their own holy documents.”

  3. Hawkins says:

    I prefer to assume incompetence, which would be #1.

    This reminds me of the time that Pastor Bob used

    “If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine” Luke 4:7

    …as the church tagline, not realizing that it was Satan that said that. See:

    “Never ascribe to malice that which can be explained by mere idiocy.”

  4. Bubba Barney says:

    Esther? as in ‘Madonna’ Esther?

    ‘What Translation do you use?

    With reaching children’s hearts as our first priority, we choose many different translations because we wanted to speak to a child on his or her level. Some verses are paraphrased for children to understand better.

    So it’s a biblical melange of ideas the dolls spew.

  5. konstantConsumer says:

    “I knew about you before you were even born.”

    i’m sure there’s no politican agenda there, at all. as michael mentions above, this is quite out of context.

  6. Yozzie says:

    Oh, think of the fun when someone enterprising figures out how to hack the voice chips on these things. Mmmm – sacrilicious!

  7. Nate says:

    God knew about Jeremiah before he was born, therefore God knows [about] people before they are born, therefore fetuses are people, therefore abortion is wrong.

    I didn’t say there weren’t huge holes in that logic. I’m just paraphrasing the apologetics you’d get from a fundamentalist (which I used to be).

    So God was talking about Jeremiah but it reveals a greater truth that can be used as part of a political agenda. Oops, did I say that? I meant, it can be used to educate children about the nature of God.

  8. konstantConsumer says:

    at least we don’t base laws on religious beliefs, right…

  9. OkiMike says:

    Yozzie, I was actually thinking about modifying these.

    How cool would it be for a bunch of hurricane Katrina victims to get these and when squeezed, hear in a long Southern drawl, “This here’s God’s punishment for the debauchery at Mardi Gras.”??

  10. AcidReign says:

    …..Yeah, but… The New Orleans residents who can afford it run for the hills during Mardi Gras! It would kinda piss ’em off if they thought this was God’s message!

    …..And folks in New Orleans don’t speak in a Southern Drawl. I’m a born “Drawler.” And I can’t hold a candle accent-wise to anyone in Louisiana! Native Big Easy folks sound more like Brooklyn, to me! New Yorkie-like, but bettah, you, I tink!

    …..The southeast Louisiana dialect is musical, and unique. Reason enough for Bush to uphold his rebuilding promises! Get that cab or carriage ride with a native host on your trip there, and bask in the accent!

  11. Mary Marsala With Fries says:

    So a guy with a five-year-old intellect is capable of forming his own relationship with a mysterious abstract deity based on parroting minimally-researched quotes from various versions of a milennias-old book? Damn, I’m jealous; I’m a philosophy major and I don’t think I could pull that off.

    These are, of course, simple advertisements for yet another charismatic religion desperately seeking converts in a time of waning relevancy…but if they’d just make a Leave It To Jesus version, I’d forgive them totally.