Bausch & Lomb Fungus Cases Spike

Fungus is even more so among us.

The US Center for Disease Control reported yesterday that it now has 106 confirmed instances of eye infection by the Fusarium fungus, many of them linked to users of certain kinds of contact lens solutions. The number of these linked to Bausch & Lomb solutions shot up to 87, from 54.

B&L initially encouraged users to switch from MoistureLoc to MultiPlus, but the number of cases among users of that product has risen to 19, from 15.

“This isn’t an AIDS drug that people have to take to live,” said David W. Maris, who follows Bausch for Banc of America and has questioned why the company has not withdrawn its entire ReNu line.”

Pictured is orange Fusarium fungus growing on moisture from a pruning wound. Maybe they should rebrand the solution as MoisturePUSS and sell it as a novelty Halloween costume aid.

More Infections Tied to Bausch Contact Cleaner” [NYT]

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  1. TheChaz says:

    eew. wow. eew.

  2. Bubba Barney says:

    Looks like apricot jelly. Great! Now I want a PB&J sandwich.

  3. pinkfu says:

    Looks like a can of peaches dumped on a ripped tree branch.

  4. AcidReign says:

    …..I tried contacts for a week or two, to replace my coke-bottle glasses. Nothing like putting a jellied marble in your eye and dousing it with salt-water. Woo-hoo! At least I looked good in my little brother’s wedding album!

    …..It took about five years of daily visine to get that sandpaper feeling to go away. Never again. And given that everyone in my family needs cateract surgery by age 70, I’m not letting them cut on my eyes just to keep from wearing glasses. I need all the cornea I can save when the real vision crap/glaucoma starts!