RESULTS: Blame Game Poll

Here’s the numbers from last week’s poll. Very interesting that customer ignorance rated so high.

Not sure whether this means you’re a) honest b) self-loathing c) of the opinion that everyone else is a worse consumer than you or d) a realist. No, we’re not going to make that into a poll.


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  1. Paul D says:

    I don’t think anybody doubts that there are many, MANY ignorant customers out there.

    But the operative word in the poll was “usually.” And I think we all know that “usually” it’s the company’s fault.

  2. Kornkob says:

    I don’t find it that surprising. After all, we’ve all been at a cheap resturant and listened to the whiney bastage in the next booth complain about the fact that their hamburger isn’t a Kobe Steak served by a Vegas showgirl.

    Unrealistic expectations on the part of the customer is often a contributing factor in a transaction stumbling.

    “The customer is always right” is a lie. Sometimes the customer is just wrong.

  3. The problem is. It’s not something I can control. We can’t sue these companies for storing our data, and we can’t be there to protect our data from being stolen. The companies and organizations losing data aren’t properly protecting information, monitoring employees, or apparently giving two shits about us, the consumer.

    Alot of information these days isn’t being lifted off of ‘secured’ databases, but left in unencrypted machines out in the open. It’s time for a change.