Monday Morning Reminder: Feel Good Wankery

Here at the Consumerist, we like saying this is your site a lot — the ballooing war cry that tickles an avalanche of tips and complaints from the glaciers of your consumer dissatisfaction. Not only does it allow us to get paid for your hard work, but it also happens to be a good example of feel good wankery that’s actually true. A lot of times, we think of ourselves less as editors as moderators of a consumer awareness forum where customers (pleased, homicidal or indifferent) can share their experiences with one another. And we’re always pleased when we can actually help you get satisfaction, either by putting our paws into the mess ourselves or by giving your issue a wider audience of expertise.

So write us! At the worst, you’ve got a willing audience to let you vent about a complaint. At best, you’ll actually find yourself on the way to resolving it. Outside of complaints, we’re also always interested in compliments, criticism and anecdotes about excellent customer service, as well as pointers towards stories you would like to see us cover.

After the jump, a list of the stories submitted by readers we published over the last week.

Getting Jacked When Selling Textbooks Back
Lowes Blows
Bull DOg Breeders Raise Prices On Pups
Free Valve Prevents Hammond Customer From Blowing A Gasket
Reader Wants Class-Action Text Message Lawsuit Against T-Mobile
UPDATE: Buying a Car and Getting Away With It
Man’s Overpriced Trash Can Ain’t Garbage
Verizon Wireless: “Our Phones Won’t Last Two Years”
HOW TO: Get Through Having Your Identity Stolen
Puerto Ricans Can Buy XBox But Can’t Get One Repaired
Customer Enjoys Painless Robot Interaction
United Lies To Another Customer. Also, Continental’s Bitch CSR!
Patagonia Rocks
The Setting Sun of Delta, Ah! It Burns!
Fight The Power! Email Your Verizon Ringtone To Yourself.
United To Reps: “Delayed Their Flight? Lost Their Baggage? Lie to Them.”
Sahara East Charges Service To Reactionary Idiot

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