The Intentional Comedy, Uncanny Editorial, of NYT Photography

As part of the growing awareness of The Consumerist that there are these things called cars and people put pricey gas in them, we were pleased as a plum in a pie to spy this choice pic in the New York Times this morning.

The article’s title is, “Conflicting Loyalties as Republicans Confront High Gas Prices.”

The caption reads, “House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert switched to an S.U.V. last week after a ride in an alternative-fuel car.”

Judging from the aide’s raised posterior in the bottom left, this was not a staged photo-op. Eyewitnesses report someone told him the way out of Iraq had rolled under the car.


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  1. Elvisisdead says:

    No, it wasn’t staged. GM has been sending these fleets of Hydrogen vehicles to the Hill for years. I drove one about two years ago. It’s a lobbying effort – nothing else. That’s not Hastert’s SUV. It’s either Cap Police’s or belongs to the USSS. Most likely, it’s USSS. They drive him.