Hell Pizza Successfully Merges Death With Pizza


A couple days ago, we made a passionate plea for pizza delivery companies like Domino’s or Papa John’s to institute internal policies preventing their employees from delivering pizzas in the same vehicles they were using to deliver festering, formaldehyde-flooded corpses. Bad for business.

But perhaps we were too hasty; maybe there is a cross-promotional market for mortuary slash pizza delivery companies. After all, check out how cool this pizza box from New Zealand chain Hell Pizza is. The perforated box can be recomposed into a snazzy little coffin “for your remains.”

Hell Pizza – Rest in Peace [Livejournal]
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  1. hiphopnerd says:

    That’s pretty damn cool…

    It probably tastes as bad as Dominos, though.

  2. dukerayburn says:

    That is smart, creative, and actually very useful. Kudos to Hell. Nay, hooray for Hell.

  3. Funny shit. “Waitress, can I have a Hell bag for my dog.”

  4. Bubba Barney says:

    Awesome. Bet it wouldn’t fly here in the states because of protests from religious folk.