What Would Jesus Do in a Suit?

What’s the most unethical thing you’ve ever done in business? There’s a new blog, Ethics Crisis, asking just that and the responses are starting to get interesting. And If the business people aren’t honest with each other, they just might not be honest with their customers, doncha think? Here’s the best one so far:

    “I helped my girlfriend write a pitch for what would have been the biggest account her company ever won. Half way through, I learned that my company was also pitching the client. I told them some of what she was proposing. I didn’t tell her my company pitched too until after both pitches had been sent. I felt like a heel, but it was just business.”

You can submit your own misdeeds, anonymously or publicly, and vote on other’s fist biters as well.

Let’s see, the most unethical thing we ever did in business… Well, besides deliver spam, it must be when we we worked the box office at a movie theater and conspired with usher to sell already-ripped tickets. We didn’t record patron’s entrance, pocketed the cash and split it evenly among the confederates. Helped wile away the inane hours of suburbia, let us tell you.

Ethics Crisis Confessions

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