UPDATE: Time Warner Cable Hoists Customer on its Own Petard

Last week B wrote in about his struggles with Time Warner Cable. His signal was fine until a neighbor got his cable installed.

All the cable hookups in B’s apartment complex are located in a common utility closet. Since the problem started in the closet, that’s where it needed to finish, but Time Warner was adamant that B be home for the job and B was equally adamant that he didn’t need to be.

That B possesses a BS and Masters degrees in electrical engineering and knew exactly what he was talking about only made the icing on the cake that much juicer.

Luckily, there’s gold at the end of this rainbow of nightmares, after the jump…

B writes:

“Case closed. Met a friendly Time Warner tech here this afternoon. Sure enough someone, possibly an outsourced “contractor”, had moved my drop to the end of a lengthy chain of splitters in the utility room while hooking up someone else. Seems that one or more of the splitters was even the wrong type. This rendered mine the weakest connection in the whole building, resulting in my signals going to shit on Thursday. (If the guy originally dispatched to fix it on Sunday had just looked in the utility room when he was here, he could have fixed it then.) Anyway, today’s guy said he configured things in a more balanced way so that everyone will have adequate signal strength. I think he did a good job and hopefully it won’t get moved again. :)”

All you have to do is possess advanced degrees in electrical engineering, ignore them, obey the Time Warner installocrats and your problems will be solved.


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  1. Paul D says:

    possess advanced degrees in electrical engineering degrees

    It’s the Department of Redundancy Department!

  2. Ben Popken says:

    Brian writes:

    “Having read the update on this joker, I couldn’t help but smirk at the fact that his problem was resolved as soon as he “met” the friendly Time Warner tech at his apartment building. That is, if he had merely done what a normal ( i.e., non-belligerant, non-arrogant, understanding) person had done, he would have had his problem solved not only sooner, but also without having to spend all of his time talking to M1, B, and M2.

    I empathize with his frustration at having to do anything when the problem was not of his causing and was the result of a Time Warner contractor’s action, but sometimes these things happen. And when they do, you can bitch and moan and make the customer service reps’ lives miserable, or you can suck it up, endure the small frustration and understand that it isn’t the CSRs’ fault.

    The old adage that “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” applies here in spades. Yes, he ultimately was right about the cause. Yes, he was right about not really needing to be home. Yay, he won that battle. But his victory was Pyrrhic since he lost the war: He showed that he was a sad, unhappy, arrogant fool who, instead of taking a small hit, wasted his time and energy and ultimately caused his internet connection to be down for several days longer than it had to.

    For every bad CSR out there, there has to be 10 miserable people like B who, by being jerks, turn these people into cyncial, miserable CSRs.”

  3. cyberchick says:

    I work in cable abd a lot of buildings that have utility rooms are in apartment complexes. Most of them are locked on evenings and weekends. They need a key to access them which most apartment complexes don not like to give out. That may be why the original tech sent to fix the contractor’s mistake didn’t get it. There is no reason to get mean, angry and pissed off. Wait for a fix and ask for a credit.