Guess There’s No ‘Five-Second Rule’ In Shopping

Shoppers are less likely to buy clothing if they think it has been touched by others, accordinig to a recent study at the University of Alberta.

    “…the researchers determined that “disgust” was the underlying reason for the participants’ opinions. They say the level of disgust increased depending on how much touching shoppers thought had gone on.”

Now you know why the floor people are always hurriedly folding those clothes, it’s to hide the cooties.

Shoppers Don’t Like Picked-Over Material” [9news] (Thanks to Brandon!)


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  1. Bubba Barney says:

    Great pic for this post.

  2. RandomHookup says:

    But sweat shop workers don’t count.

  3. The Unicorn says:

    Nor, apparently, do floor people.

  4. Amy Alkon says:

    Service people simply don’t exist for some people. For them, the clothes just grew on the racks like avocados on trees.

  5. matto says:

    Perhaps they did their study at Frys, and observed people’s reaction to the “returned merchandise, here’s five cents off” stickers.

    Or maybe at Good Vibrations, I avoid the overly handled merchandise there, too.

  6. CoffeeAddict says:

    I’d have to admit if someone before me touched something and passed it over I am very likely to do the same thing.