Baby’s Identity Stolen By Crackhead

Even our nation’s fat Churchill-looking cherubs aren’t safe from identity theft. The parents of a three week old baby in Bothell, Washington discovered he had his identity stolen when he got a bill from a local hospital for $94.The bill was in relation to a lumbar disc displacement and a prescriped dose of narcotics to deal with the pain.

In other words, a crack head stole the baby’s identity to get a fix. He managed to use the baby’s identity even though the kid hadn’t yet been issued a social security number. The parents’ theory is that their child’s name and address was stolen from a local hospital shortly after the baby was born.

It could have been worse: a $10,000 credit card bill for booze and smut (perhaps a subscription to Barely Legal magazine would have been in order) issued in the name of a small infant comes comically to mind. But it does show that you barely need to even have an identity to have it stolen. Have we made you paranoid yet?

5-Month-Old Baby’s Identity Stolen [ABC News]