Verizon Wireless: “Our Phones Won’t Last Two Years”

Straight from the source: that Verizon Wireless phone you’re planning on dropping a bill or two on won’t last two years. From Lars:

    I thought I’d pass along another story of purchasing a new phone for my Verizon service. During the transaction, the sales guy tried to sell me on the $6/month phone insurance plan which he said would guarantee a free new phone if anything happened to the one I was purchasing. I declined the warranty coverage, and then as a last reminder about why I really needed that plan salesman gently informed me that there wasn’t a single phone in the Verizon store that would last 2 years. Reminded me of Old Gil trying to sell Coleco computers on the Simpsons. These Coleco’s will rust right up on ya.

Of course, we suspect this is just a salesman trying to push the warranty, similar to those Circuit City red shirts who get bonuses per extraneous warranty they foist upon naive customers. Still, what salesman in his right mind thinks making a plea to his product’s shoddiness is the way to guarantee a sale?

Sleazy salesman or shoddy phones… hell, take your pick. Both are pretty good reasons to choose any company besides Verizon Wireless.