Verizon Wireless: “Our Phones Won’t Last Two Years”

Straight from the source: that Verizon Wireless phone you’re planning on dropping a bill or two on won’t last two years. From Lars:

    I thought I’d pass along another story of purchasing a new phone for my Verizon service. During the transaction, the sales guy tried to sell me on the $6/month phone insurance plan which he said would guarantee a free new phone if anything happened to the one I was purchasing. I declined the warranty coverage, and then as a last reminder about why I really needed that plan salesman gently informed me that there wasn’t a single phone in the Verizon store that would last 2 years. Reminded me of Old Gil trying to sell Coleco computers on the Simpsons. These Coleco’s will rust right up on ya.

Of course, we suspect this is just a salesman trying to push the warranty, similar to those Circuit City red shirts who get bonuses per extraneous warranty they foist upon naive customers. Still, what salesman in his right mind thinks making a plea to his product’s shoddiness is the way to guarantee a sale?

Sleazy salesman or shoddy phones… hell, take your pick. Both are pretty good reasons to choose any company besides Verizon Wireless.


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  1. Paul D says:

    Bullshit. I have a Kyocera Slider that’s still ticking after 2.5 years.

    It’s the stupid customers who throw their phones around or drop them in toilets and wonder why “the darn thing just won’t work right”.

  2. Jen says:

    I’m a Verizon customer who treated her Samsung phone right, never dropped it or used it that much, and the hinge cracked after just over a year, rendering it useless. They’re less than forgiving when you go in to explain to them that their phones are crap.

  3. I think a lot depends on the brand, Samsung is not a very reliable brand in my opinion. Kyocera, LG, Sanyo, even some Motorola phones will last better. But as Paul mentioned, it also has a lot to do with how you treat it.

    And yes, those Caleco’s WILL rust up on you. There is a Simpson’s quote for all aspects of life.

  4. Jane Canary says:

    I stupidly dropped my 1 1/2 year old Verizon Kyocera phone and cracked the LCD screen. I went into my local Verizon Wireless store and *very* nicely asked about my options. This particular store is always extremely busy, and, most of the customers seem either frustratingly confused or angry.

    The store offered me a refurbished newer model of my phone as a free replacement. They had boxes of them behind the counter. I know others in similar situations had been forced to purchase a new phone. The combination of being a long-time customer and not screaming seemed to have worked in my favor.

  5. bigkens says:

    I’m on my fourth phone since 2000 (all different makes, different carriers) and I haven’t had one that’s held up. The first was a samsung flip phone which hinges kept breaking and required constant firmware updates or some such thing. The second–and most durable–was a qualcomm bit, but it too started to hink out as soon as my two-year contract up. The third, a Siemens, sucked all the way around (so much for my beloved German engineering). The fourth, a Motorola, is so far so good, but it’s a flip phone with a hinge that feels less than solid, so I guess I’m not too optimistic. These things are just not built to last.

  6. Special K says:

    I have dropped my VZW LG phone countless times and its still in excellent condition. VZW’s phones are boring and slower to market than their competitors but I wouldn’t knock the quality of them, at least not their LG’s. A+

  7. Travis says:

    Verizon phones don’t suck – manufacturer’s do! I have a 3.5yr old Nokia phone. I’ve dropped it, kicked it and even spilled a beer on it, all by accident and it keeps on ticking. Now I know I’ll sound like an old timer saying this but they don’t build things like they used to :-)

    The new phones have multiple weak points. Mine is a little brick – I bet it’d break a window with little trouble. Anyhow, look at the phones you buy. Do they even feel sturdy when you buy them?

  8. any such name says:

    samsung eats it. my roommate just switched to verizon to be on his family’s plan, and he’s had nothing but trouble with his samsung phone (right from the start!!)
    and i will echo the anti-samsung commentary since their DVD/VCR player i received for christmas one year died the next (just the all-important DVD part)… you guessed it – exactly after the one-year warranty was up. options from HQ? send it back for $99! hah!

  9. matto says:

    The funny thing about these wireless handset insurance policies is that they are so much more of an utter ripoff than you can even imagine. They not only limit the number of times you can make a claim (Cingular’s lockline drops you after the second claim), but the replacement phone is one with ‘equivalent features’ and will be a refurb to boot.

    Think about how much that crappy refurbished phone is going to cost you at $6 a month, then Just Say No to handset insurance.

    PS: You probably suspected this, but wireless retail people get spiffs on handset insurance sales- they are almost pure profit.

  10. clever epithet says:

    When will you all learn? It’s Nokia or nothin’, as Travis observes. I dropped mine in a toilet — a toilet, people! — and it’s still going strong. Yes, that was before I had used said toilet. No, I didn’t contract e.coli. A year after the Bowl Incident, my girlfriend still refuses to use my phone. But she’s willing to kiss me. Crazy women.

  11. Skip the insurance and keep and old phone on standby when your real one goes kaput. My partner and I each have a phone on a shared plan, and we have one phone (the old one I used before I upgraded — and, yes, it lasted 2 years) that we can use if anything happens to either of ours.

    Personally, I’ve been rather happy with Verizon (five years now) and LG phones (4 years with no failures or breakages). I wouldn’t trust a Motorola RAZR for 2 months, though, much less 2 years.

    And as Jane Canary notes, kindness and patience with customer service and sales reps will often get you very far these days.

  12. jmac32here says:

    I’ve had an E815 for almost a year now by Motorola. It is a VZW Phone, and service in Bellevue is shotty at best.

    Even with me trying to baby the phone (holding the upper flip wien talking on it, ect.) The hinge is already starting to loosen up. I plan on Switching to Cingular because they have better coverage than VZW Nationwide BY FAR..and they actually test their phones to make sure they wull last under normal usage.

    There a new Nokia Flip coming out with Cingular that has an auto-open button..they are still testing it, but have confirmed it will last 10,000 openings.