UPDATE: Calls From a Stranger

Reader Ben reports that 1) he received another strange Spanish phone spam scam call, this time from 401-200-9876 and 2) he still doesn’t speak Spanish.

To date, we’ve seen reports of Spanish calls trying to finangle people’s social security info, in Spanish, coming from these phone numbers: 401-200-9876, 305-503-8068, 305-503-8066, 301-392-8219, 661-375-3050, 954-678-8026, 678-310-5678, 786-718-9058, 480-929-4842, 785-718-9058, 786-879-6669, 305-371-7266, 408-822-1645, 305-256-4287, and 978-228-0011.

What a nuisance. If anyone ever grows the cojones to report this to the cops, someone outta tie these Frito Banditos up in a pinata. After all the treats are removed from their bellies, we can have a Mexican hat dance party. Then the pummeled giblets can be laid to dry in the sun with the fibers from the rope pressed in. The resultant blanket will make for a cozy siesta sheet.


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