Man’s Overpriced Trash Can Ain’t Garbage

When the odd silver trash can with foot-operated sits on a curb, awaiting scavenging or garbage man pickup, invariably we find the pedal slurred to one side. This critical component is often the first piece to blow on a trash can and results in the receptacle being left on the side of the street like so many teenager hookers before.

Perhaps then, it’s better to choose, as reader Myron did, the “top activated” trash can. One may find it easier to deliver a more nuanced expression of energy with one’s hand than one’s foot

He paid one hundred and fifty dollars but after its lid broke, he found he got his money’s worth, after the jump…

Myron writes:

    “I’m very much the grumpy old man when if comes to being a consumer, so I take pleasure in reading The Consumerist to reassure myself that while I might not be normal, at least I’m not alone. I simply want to be treated fairly by businesses. So, when a company does right by me its only fair I can offer a compliment instead of the usual complaint.

    Two years ago I bought a $150 trash can made by SimpleHuman. Now thats a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a trash can and I’m still embarassed about it. So when the lid broke recently I tried to salvage the unit by buying a new lid. I contacted SimpleHuman via their website and without any fuss, they promptly mailed me a new lid for free. I was stunned at how quicky my problem was solved and how, for probably $20, they turned a customer who liked the product but was embarrased to recommend it for how expensive it was, into a loyal customer who would sing the company’s praises.


The Simple Human trash can, available for $149.99 here with free shipping.


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  1. You know, if I were selling garbage cans for $150, I’d probably be including free hand jobs … if only out of guilt. And as we all know, a guilt-ridden HJ is the best HJ of all.

  2. Grady says:

    The $150 dollar trash can comes with a 10 year warranty. Why are you surprised and amazed that they’re actually honoring it?

    I bought some cheap plastic pool floats from walmart that started to leak air after a couple months. I called the nice folks at swimways, inc. and they sent me not one, but two new ones for free, and I only paid $10 for the original ones.

  3. I bought a $150 trash can, but we use it at work and it has earned its weight in the lack of smells people complain about in the garbage.

    a kitchen trash can at wal-mart costs about $20 I would bet, if not more. So at $25 you’re 6 times more expensive. How long do the plastic ones last? 1-2 years?

  4. slinky22 says:

    Frankly, I’ve always wanted one of the motion sensor trash cans, so you don’t even have to touch it to get it open. Search on for Hailo Trento Motion Sensor Waste Bin. Seriously kewl.

  5. Paul D says:

    How long do the plastic ones last? 1-2 years?

    What the hell are you doing to your poor transh can(s)?

    I’m on the same cheap-ass plastic trash can for 3 years now. And it was in my wife’s apartment for 3 years before we got together.

    I’ve seen these $150 cans. They’re pretty nice, and the lid mechanisms are slick. But come ON guys! It’s a friggin’ trash can.

    Just buy a Rubbermaid and be done with it.

  6. sj says:

    So the appeal of the foot-powered trash can is you dont have to touch anything with your hands to throw something out. At about $50 less, i’d much rather go for something like this magic infrared trash can. It saves you from having to wash your hands every time you throw something out!