My Car is Stuck in a Paper Mountain

G. would like to sell his car but can’t, as the Illinois DMV has lost his title among piles of paperwork and has no interest in finding it.

Does anyone have any suggestions for G.?

Read his letter, after the jump…

G. writes:

    “So, I moved to Illinois this fall to attend grad school, and I had to of course run through the normal routine of changing my registration and getting a new drivers license. At the same time, I was very close to paying off my car from my lender (Capital One). Capital One sent my title to the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles, where it has since disappeared. I’ve since paid off my car (November) and desire to sell it. I’ve called the Illinois DMV several times, and I always get some lackey who gives me the intimation that my title is essentially lost in stacks and stacks of paperwork. SO, I want to sell my car but can’t, and am being screwed by the Illinois DMV. I’m not sure how to resolve this – but I do want you to know that the Illinois DMV is wretched in terms of customer service.”

UPDATE: Here’s your solution. Apply for a new title. (Thanks, Michael!)