The Setting Sun of Delta, Ah! It Burns!

It’s not just cleaning the airplanes, now customer service appears to be on a volunteer basis as well. Dawn writes in a horrific tale of a flight from Dallas to Orlando that ended up taking over a day.

Par for the course when dealing with Delta, perhaps, but did they really need to slash her bags with a razor?

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Dawn writes:

    “My flight out of Dallas-Ft. Worth was delayed 13 hrs. (Within that 13 hrs was many smaller delays, several cancellations, you get the drift.)

    Add in the hour or so I arrived at the airport ahead of the flight (trying to be a good citizen flyer) and I was there for nearly 15 hrs.

    The gate people (we went through several shifts) were so awful. They literally had no idea what was going on and told us either blatant lies or misinformation so many times, it is difficult to recall, really.

    Oh and because one of the delays (which accounted for a whole 15 mins) was due to weather (so they said) – they didn’t offer us any recourse. This delay occurred in the overnight hours so we were left to fend for ourselves and get a hotel room or sleep at the airport.

    By the time I landed in Orlando nearly a day later and picked up my bag – half my clothes were hanging out, it looked like the sides (all 3!) had been slashed open with a razor blade. My husband was irate, but I didn’t care anymore , I just added it as another mark on my “Reasons Why I Will Never Fly Delta Again” list.”

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