Soho Store a Scam?

Ten 60 gb iPods for $2699? Why that’s over a grand in savings from the retail price. How do they do it? Well, we have no conclusive proof but we’re pretty sure the “Soho Store” website is a total fraud.

First and foremost, it’s a little case of “too good to be true” syndrome Then there’s the fact that there’s no phone contact. Then there’s the use of crappy stock photography to give it that legit corporate vibe that just doesn’t ring true. Then there’s the google page rank of 0. As well as the fact as there’s no explanation given why, unless they fell off the back of a truck, the discounts on these high-end, high demand products would be so deep.

Of course, we could be totally off-base, but our spidey sense is going crazy. Someone please prove us wrong.

We dare you.

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