FDA Says Plan B Causes Teen Sex Cults

What the hell? The Manhattan-based Center for Reproductive Rights is grilling FDA officials on their failure to approve the Plan B pill as a drug that can be distributed without a prescription. Why might they not have approved it?

Simon Heller, one of the attorneys, plans to quiz [FDA Deputy Operations Commissioner] Woodcock on a March 23, 2004, staff memo suggesting she was concerned Plan B might lead to teenage promiscuity.

The FDA is only supposed to consider the safety and efficacy of drugs.

In the memo released by the FDA, Dr. Curtis Rosebraugh, an agency medical officer, wrote: “As an example, she [Woodcock] stated that we could not anticipate, or prevent extreme promiscuous behaviors such as the medication taking on an ‘urban legend’ status that would lead adolescents to form sex-based cults centered around the use of Plan B.”

That’s right: birth control causes teen sex cults. Wild. I wish I’d known that when I was a fat, pimply teenager.

FDA faces more questions on Plan B [Newsday]


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  1. Special K says:

    You may find this hard to believe….but when you basically start throwing birth control into teenagers’ laps, they will start having lots of sex.

    Good for them for not providing plan b pills- they shouldn’t be.

  2. Paul D says:

    but when you basically start throwing birth control into teenagers’ laps

    What planet do you live on where this happens?

    A few teens doing the hibbity-bippity is a far less disagreeable situation than millions of teen pregnancies that could have been prevented by a less puritanical attitude.

  3. RandomHookup says:

    Special K, you’re right… I find that hard to believe.

  4. airship says:

    Let’s see, it’s been awhile – a LONG while – but did I need ANY additional excuse to have sex when I was a teenager? NO. Was I worried about the downstream consequences of having sex? NO. I call ‘BS’.

  5. CatMoran says:

    Gee, we’d better halt the sale of diet products too, so that people will stop overeating.

  6. kerry says:

    Any person, teenaged or otherwise, wouldn’t start being promiscuous simply because they can purchase a pill over the counter. Guess what? Plan B is about 75% effective if taken correctly and rapidly. Condoms, if used correctly, are about 97% effective if used correctly. In case you weren’t aware, condoms are available over the counter. Condoms are also used during the act itself, so the user doesn’t need to remember to take or buy anything afterwards to make it work, unlike Plan B. And if birth control = sluttiness, please explain to me why my high school friends on acne medicine who were forced onto the pill remained virgins until college? Oh, right, because they were intelligent, sentient human beings who make decisions for themselves and didn’t assume that the inability to become preganant requires that one go forth and fornicate.

  7. konstantConsumer says:

    plan B. i always thought that referred to anal.

  8. DeeJayQueue says:

    and honestly… so what if they do start humping all over the place? Is there anything really wrong with people finding out about their sexual proclivities and hangups early on so that they can learn to accept them or get over them before they’re 30 and repressed?

  9. Ben says:

    Throwing birth control into their laps?

    No, last time that happened was when I went to a St. Patricks Day parade and they were tossing green condoms from one of the floats. The kids tried to grab them and the nice ladies on the float said “those are for the parents!”

    Here’s an idea – how about the govt worry about if things are safe and effective, and let the people worry about the moral junk.

  10. Morgan says:

    Studies have been done on this. Increased access to birth control causes a very slight increase in sex, but a marked decrease in unsafe sex, which is really what we should be worried about here…

  11. MRS. FLANDERS: “We’re not talking about love, we’re talking about S-E-X in front of the C-H-I-L-D-R-E-N!”

    KRUSTY: “Sex Cauldron? I thought they closed that place down!”

  12. non-meat-stick says:

    there are a lot of factors that go into having sex beyond access to birth control. Plan B will increase that? Unprotected sex is still an issue with Plan B. I would hope that most parrents are communicating with their children the dangers of unsafe sex.

    konstantConsumer: thanks for the laugh

  13. dukerayburn says:

    Even if access to birth control does lead to an increase in sexual activity, that isn’t the concern of the government. Safety is the only issue that the FDA needs to concern itself with. Legislative cockblockery of their findings is ridiculous.

    It isn’t just teenagers who would benefit from over-the-counter Plan B. It would also be a boon to college-age kids who can’t afford to visit a doctor every time they need to resort to Plan B. Or can’t find a doctor on a Saturday or Sunday. And it would benefit older people than that as well.

    As for the teens, a morning-after pill beats a back-alley abortion any day of the week. Which do you think is going to upset the parents more? And which might kill the teen?

  14. Mary Marsala With Fries says:

    I love it that there are people, and people making public policy no less, who are more concerned with controlling how people express their sexuality than they are with the effects on kids, families and society of teenage pregnancy. What is this, Salem in the 1600s?

    How about this: If these people are going to insist that we legislate morality, let’s just do it. Let’s have a law that makes it a crime to interfere with another person’s sex life unless they’re your own minor child.


  15. RowdyRoddyPiper says:

    I still love the fact that the person opposed to this is named woodcock. Irony…thy name is bureacracy!